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The legend of Pilav

The son of the Bukhara ruler met a beautiful young girl from a poor family and fell in love with her. Because of class inequality, their marriage was absolutely impossible. Suffering from unhappy love, the prince started weakening, losing an interest in life and food. That is when his father invited the famous healer – Abu Ali ibn Sin (Avicenna) and implored him to find out the cause of the heir’s ailment and find a cure. After the examination, ibn Sina uncovered that the cause of the young man’s ailment was an unhappy love.

Ibn Sina tells the ruler that there are 2 things he ought to do in order to bring his son back to life: the first one was providing his blessing for the prince to marry the young girl as soon as possible and the second was to feed his son with one high-calorie drug called “Palov Osh” (Pilav), from seven ingredients. The ruler gave his blessing to the son and he married the young girl. Also, the prince has been fed with the dish. Avicenna noticed an amazing surge of strength in his patient and the prince rapidly recovered.

Since then, the Palov osh (Pilav) dish became widely used and turned from a medicinal drug into a meal widely known around the world, a dish of real gourmets and connoisseurs of Oriental cuisine.
If you visited Uzbekistan and did not taste real Uzbek Pilav, you have not learned the essence of Uzbek culture and hospitality!